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Include WeChat in your brand building

Chinese social media differ completely from the rest of the world, but are as least as important as in the West for building and marketing a brand. At the Hong Kong- and Shanghai-based agency Bamboo, we help our clients develop social media strategy and presence in China.


Social media in China

With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and many other channels unavailable, China has created a large number of its own social networking platforms. By understanding and using social media in China, companies can more easily reach out to their target audiences and deliver the right products or services.


Content marketing: What is it and why should you care? Part 1

It was one of the biggest buzz words in marketing and communications in 2015, especially in Western countries, and will likely grow even bigger during 2016. But what is content marketing and what makes it different from traditional marketing? More importantly, how can it help add value to your brand, your brand building and marketing efforts?


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