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New publication for Sapa Heat Transfer

Sapa Heat Transfer is a leading producer of rolled aluminium strips for automotive heat exchangers. Bamboo has worked with Sapa’s China headquarters in Shanghai since 2004 and the company has now decided to let Bamboo update its image publication.

E-newsletter for Tetra Pak

Bamboo has produced Tetra Pak’s internal quarterly magazine, Chopsticks, for Greater China for eight years. In order to keep its staff updated on a more fast and flexible basis, Tetra Pak has launched an e-newsletter, which is produced by Bamboo and updated frequently to provide important information about events such as the Sichuan earthquake and the Beijing Olympic Games.

Internal magazine for UPM China

UPM is one of the leading forestry product companies in the world. The company is expanding rapidly in China and has launched an internal magazine, Compass, in which local material is mixed together with global articles. The quarterly magazine is produced together with Bamboo in a Chinese-language paper version and an English PDF version.

Chinese language magazine for ITT

Bamboo will produce the Chinese language version of ITT Water & Wastewater’s business-to-business magazine Impeller three times per year. The magazine is produced globally by the Appelberg Publishing Group. ITT Water & Wastewater is a world leader in integrated solutions for fluid handling in transport and treatment of water and wastewater.

Asia-Pacific magazine for Jardine Schindler

Every day Schindler lifts and escalators move 100 million people around Southeast Asia. Jardine Schindler Group, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, has contracted Bamboo to produce a biannual customer magazine for the Asia-Pacific market.

Several projects for Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd is a market leader in advanced medical equipment and healthcare appliances. Bamboo has been chosen to produce a monthly e-newsletter, a quarterly customer newsletter, an image publication and several other products.

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